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Colin Cowherd Clowns Alabama Caller, Continues Crushing The SEC

  • Jake O'Donnell

The SEC is having a down year, no one is arguing that. Neither is anyone arguing that the Big 12, ACC and Big Ten (especially) are having especially good years. The argument comes when someone like Colin Cowherd suggests that Alabama is riding that SEC-bias into the 2015 College Football Playoff. He’s saying they don’t deserve to be a top-four team. Full stop.

Believe it or not, the state of Alabama doesn’t unanimously agree with this assertion. In fact, some Bama fans think their team’s strength of schedule and one loss to Ole Miss should be enough to land them in the NCAA football’s Final Four. Why? Because they play against other SEC teams. Duh!

Sensing a golden opportunity to be a complete dick to someone, Cowherd took a call from a dissenting Alabama fan on Monday, punctuating his argument with a spot-on impression of the poor guy’s military-grade southern accent. You just had to twist the knife after you stuck him with it, didn’t you, Colin?

In the caller’s defense, Alabama has beaten more ranked teams than Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State, who currently sit outside the top-four in both the AP Rankings and Coaches Poll. So, Greg, next time Cowherd tells you that this information is “fiction” — while claiming that “Alabama doesn’t have any quality wins” qualifies as “fact” — just pinch your nose and say something like, “I’m Colin Cowherd, look at me! Dominicans are stupid!” Or just hand the phone to Phyllis from Mulga…

On Tuesday, Cowherd found some Alabama fans who share his belief that the team doesn’t deserve a shot at the CFB Championship. He did not mock their regional dialects.

Jake O'Donnell

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