Colin Cowherd Defends His Dabo Swinney Comments By … Comparing Himself To Trump?

  • Rick Chandler


Our story so far: Before the ACC Championship Game, simulcast personality Colin Cowherd called Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney “a fraud.”

“Clemson’s a fraud. Clemson is going to get their ears boxed by whoever they play. They should have three losses, maybe four. I don’t buy into Clemson, they’re the New York Giants of college football.”

Following the Tigers’ 35-31 in on Monday, Swinney fired back:

“The only fraud is that guy, because he didn’t do his homework. I hope y’all print that.”

Cowherd responded to that today, calling Clemson a great team, Swinney proved him wrong, etc., etc. But then Cowherd went into an odd, TrumpWorld monologue that can’t really be explained unless you hear it yourself:

“One of thing I’ve realized is that you don’t punish me if I’m wrong. You punish me as an audience if I pick topics you don’t care about.”

Cowherd went on to claim that he’s right “57 percent of the time”, and that “politicians could learn something from this.

“Politicians lose when they talk about topics nobody cares about. Trump talked about the economy. That’s what most of us cared about. Not bathroom issues.”

So it isn’t just a coincidence that Cowherd’s co-host looks exactly like Kellyanne Conway.

Of course Trump is wrong almost all of the time, but to Cowherd that’s A-OK — it’s only success that matters. And no one really cares about Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech and Trump made himself look like a man-sized baby by responding to it, but whatever.

By revealing himself to be Skip Bayless with a smoother voice, Cowherd unlocked the secret to talk show media success — be a dog whistle. He admitted that his show is successful because the volume knob goes to 11 … and for no other reason.