A Map Of The Country, Broken Down By College Football Fandom, Will Help You Not Get Beaten Up

  • Dan Fogarty

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College football allegiances, particularly in the Southeast, have very specific boundaries. Like, very specific — travel too far south in Florida wearing Gator blue, and you might find yourself surrounded by Hurricanes fans. And if you offer up a “Roll Tide” too far east in Alabama, you’ll get a sideways glance from all of the Tigers around — and then you’ll probably get your car keyed up. Yes, America takes its football allegiances, and the domains of those allegiances, very seriously.

Now, thanks to a CFB Redditor, those domains are more clearly defined (of course, it’s not totally definitive — we’re sure there are a few fan states that are slightly skewed). It kind of makes you feel for those teeny, tiny outposts lost in the middle of Texas Longhorn country, doesn’t it?