The Logos For The Awfully Unimaginitive “College Football Playoff” Are… Awfully Unimaginative

  • Matt Rudnitsky

There is going to be a college football playoff starting in 2014! And the same innovative minds that brought us a four-team playoff after 16 billion years of worthy complaints and well-reasoned arguments have used their brilliant minds to come up with a name for the college football playoff. After much deliberation and probably lots of expensive dinners and hookers, Jim Delany and his fellow sultans have emerged from their castles. The college football playoff will be called… the “College Football Playoff.”

Of course, we are just making fun of a bunch of power hungry assholes — it’s good that they didn’t try and get cute. Jim Delany is the man behind the “Leaders” and “Legends” divisions, and he certainly wouldn’t have come up with something like the “Super Bowl” that stands the test of time. The reason the name wasn’t revealed immediately is probably because Delany was pushing the “Academic Integrity Amateur Championships,” or something. “College Football Playoff” is inoffensive and effective.

These fellas were also tasked with coming up with a logo. You can vote for one of three options. Because, the NCAA is all about the fans, listening to you guys if you ask angrily enough for enough decades.

Just like the name, the logos are inoffensive and not awful. The first and last ones are decent. The second-from-the-left is passable. The third is abysmal, if you ask me.

I look forward to fans making their own much better logos and spreading them across the internet, continuing to make the NCAA look stupid.

Photo via, $$ added by SportsGrid