The Best College GameDay Signs Of The Weekend: West Virginia Vs. LSU

  • Dan Fogarty

One of the better pregame shows on television is ESPN’s College GameDay, and one of the better aspects of College GameDay is scanning the background for entertaining fan-made signs. For those of you who were still sleeping on Saturday morning, or otherwise missed this week’s batch of signs, we’ve decided to round up the five best for you. This week, GameDay visited West Virginia ahead of their matchup with LSU. As always, all images provided by Mocksession.

5. Homeless, Need A Conference

It seems like every college program in the country is rumored to be leaving its current conference. West Virginia is no exception. With their Big East status seemingly in doubt (one report had them being rejected by both the ACC and SEC last week) Mountaineer fans have started making signs to help them find a new home.

4. I’d Burn My Couch But Rich Rod Is Sleeping On It…

In West Virginia, burning couches when the Mountaineers win a big game is kind of a thing. It is such a thing, in fact, that couch burning was recently made a felony. We like this sign, because it manages to burn couches and coaches: it includes a shot at former-WVU-and-currently-unemployed head coach Rich Rodriguez, who is not very well-liked on campus.

3. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Couches

This sign, which refers to a rather famous, perennially autotuned news report, sticks with the couch-burning theme. Is it a cheap laugh? Yes. But we’re fans of cheap laughs. Which brings us to…

2. Jarrett Lee Eats Boogers

On Saturday night, LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee would throw three touchdowns and lead his Tigers to a 47-21 win. On Saturday morning, though, the world learned that he eats boogers.

1. I Mustache You A Question… Do You Smell Couches Burning?

Lee Corso. Mustache. Winner.

BONUS: Shaq Would Dunk On Jerry West

Lest WVU’s students have all the fun, LSU’s student section got in on the act. Bonus points for an impeccable display of wit in enemy territory. And yes, had LSU grad Shaquille O’Neal played at the same time as WVU grad Jerry West, he probably would’ve dunked on him.

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