Contest: Tell Us The Order In Which These Screencaps Appeared, Win A Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet

  • Dylan Murphy

CONTEST OVAH: Congrats to Troy Appel! You’ve won yourself a brand, spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet. The original post is below.


Hey, want a spiffy new Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet? Of course you do. Those things are amazing. Welp, now you can win one, and all you have to do is use the ol’ noggin.

As we’ve mentioned previously, intrepid pigskin fanatics Will and Ravi traveled across the land, visiting each game ESPN College GameDay covered this season. It was a superb journey, and in honor of it, AT&T is offering you a chance to win one of their prized Samsung Galaxy tablets. And if you can tell us which weeks each of the five below screencaps took place in, you could win one.

So here’s how to enter.

Go to Will and Ravi’s AT&T page, and watch their videos. If you can match each screencap with the Week in which it took place, you have a chance to win. Mail your entries to, subject: “Screencap Contest.”

And now, dip into your memory bank.

Screencap 1.

Screencap 2.

Screencap 3.

Screencap 4.

Screencap 5.

It’s that easy. Send us an email at, subject “Screencap Contest,” matching each screencap with the week in which it took place. It’s that easy.

Happy cappin.’ FYI: We’ll announce the winner on Friday.

This post and prizing sponsored by AT&T.