Crying Alabama Fan’s Girlfriend Forced To Confront Photos Of Her Crying Boyfriend

  • Glenn Davis

The now-famous shot of a despondent Alabama fan in the stands during and after his team’s 9-6 loss to LSU earlier this year had another star besides the fan himself: his (apparent) girlfriend, who looked at first disgusted with him, then pretty miserable herself once it was officially over.

And now, because Internet fame can never fully be forgotten, it seems both the fan himself and his girlfriend are getting constant reminders of their big moment in the time leading up to tonight’s LSU/Bama rematch national title game. The fan himself seems to be a pretty good sport about it, and judging by the photo above, so does his female companion. Yes, according to @AnalyzeThatLSU, that’s her in the photo. And if you compare her there with the previously-linked photos in this post…well, it sure looks like her.

Something else we noticed: we’ll be damned if the guy at left in the photo above – the one presenting her with the photo (which, judging by the pen she appears to be holding, she might have even autographed) isn’t the same one standing with the Sad Bama Bro here. The picture he’s holding looks like it matches. The jersey looks like it matches. The sunglasses and hair – both could easily be matches. Tracking down both participants in one of the great accidental TV moments of the college football season? Even with the game yet to be played, that guy’s had a hell of a stay in New Orleans.

[Analyze That LSU]