The Infamous “Crying Alabama Fan” Gets Made Fun Of On The Street In New Orleans

  • Glenn Davis

When LSU beat Alabama 9-6 in November, one of the (unwitting) stars wound up being an especially distraught Crimson Tide supporter whose anguish was caught on camera. As it turned out, though, there was no reason for tears: here we are two months later, and despite that heartbreaking loss, Alabama gets a rematch with LSU tonight for the national title. And it appears that fan, being as invested as he clearly is, made the trek to New Orleans to cheer on the Tide, hopefully with better results. And it seems like he’s a pretty good sport about the whole “in tears on TV” thing:

Well, “good sport” assuming this is truly the same guy…but the guy posing in the above photo is either indeed the infamous Crying Bama Fan or someone doing the world’s best imitation of him. Glad to see he can have a little fun with his celebrity status that was not exactly achieved in the way one might hope celebrity status would be. But he’ll have a lot more fun, of course, if a certain team from Tuscaloosa emerges victorious tonight. Let’s hope the cameras can find him again.

[Kerry Broome via @jrschaeffer]