No, Dan Connor Didn’t Prank Call Jerry Sandusky In 2005

  • Dan Fogarty

When something like the Penn State sex abuse scandal occurs, something that’s sordid and horrible and deals with a lot of powerful people covering things up over a long period of time, rumors are inevitable. Usually, those rumors gain traction on college football message boards. In the case of a story of this magnitude, they can even gain traction on hip-hop message boards.

Some of these rumors come from reliable sources and have some semblance of credibility to them. The rumor earlier today, from reporter Mark Madden, about Sandusky possibly “pimping out” little kids to donors, is one that has credibility. The one about Carolina Panther (and former Nittany Lion) Dan Connor prank calling Jerry Sandusky in 2005 (and getting suspended by Joe Paterno for it), it seems, is not.

Connor was suspended in ’05 along with three other players, and it was because they prank called a former Penn State assistant. At the time, the victim of the calls remained anonymous, and the prank calls were described as “escalating to to the point of harassment.” The message board speculation du jour was that those prank calls were directed at Sandusky, and that they had something to do with his rumored preference for young boys. But today, in an interview with Delaware’s Daily Times, Connor squashed it.

That victim has remained anonymous, though Conner says it wasn’t Sandusky.

“No,” he said. “No, it wasn’t. It was another coach.”

Had Sandusky been the prank call target, and had the subject of the pranks calls been his reported pedophilia, we’d have a whole new batch of issues on our hands (namely, that if a linebacker on the team knew Sandusky was molesting kids, it was an even worse-kept secret than previously thought). Thankfully, it doesn’t look like that’s the case.