Whoops! Gary Danielson’s “Money” Gaffe During The Auburn-Alabama Telecast (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

CBS’ Gary Danielson made quite the Freudian slip during the 1st quarter of today’s Alabama-Auburn game.

When discussing Alabama’s early success in throwing the ball, Danielson had to cut himself off before he made a kind-of-unfortunate-but-not-really remark about paying college athletes.

“We were talking in the opening, Verne,” began Danielson. “About Julio Jones licking his chops. This is why: Auburn’s been susceptible to these great, big receivers in this league. You talk about the guys who earn their m-”


“Earn their yardage in this league.” (Emphasis added by us).

Nice save, Gary. To be fair, though, “the guys who earn their money” cliche is one that is often utilized by announcers, especially the football guys. The fact that it was almost used in the midst of a payment scandal involving Cam Newton (who was playing in this game) is just some unfortunate, albeit delicious, irony.

Danielson, to his credit, immediately owned up to his gaffe. His partner, Verne Lundquist, also got in on the fun.

“Nice to have you with us,” Lundquist joked.

“I’m going to get it for that one, aren’t I?” asked Danielson.

Yep. You probably will.