West Virginia Destroyed The Orange Bowl Mascot Last Night, Too

  • Glenn Davis

West Virginia visited unholy carnage upon Clemson in the Orange Bowl last night, hanging 63 points on the no-show Tigers by the middle of the third quarter before the game ended with an absurd 70-33 final score. The Mountaineers were in attack mode all night, piling up 589 yards and capitalizing on four Tiger turnovers…including scoring on a 99-yard fumble return in the second quarter when the game was still close.

And the attack mode even extended to when plays were already over. After scoring on the fumble return, WVU safety Darwin Cook was so fired up, he could have just tackled the next person he saw in front of him. And unfortunately for Orange Bowl mascot Obie, Obie was that next person:

That is either a memory Obie will carry forever, or one that will haunt him (or her) forever, leaving him/her to constantly look over his/her shoulder for an oncoming West Virginia player ready to pounce. But we can’t blame Cook here – it was a big moment, he was excited, and hey, his coaches were probably preaching to him for the last few weeks to get after anything wearing orange.

Video by CJ Fogler.