David Pollack Gets Railroaded Into An Opinion About Women And College Football, Twitter Goes Berserk

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ok, so maybe he was forced into this one, but the fact remains: If you only fill the college football playoff selection committee with people who’ve played football, you’re excluding a lot of other important, football loving people. Like women. And the physically challenged. And Mike Francesa. Not that everyone needs a say it in, nor does the committee need to include those who don’t know anything about the sport — it just needs to represent the people who watch football. Because after all, the only reason we’re having the discussion about NCAA football on television in the first place, is because such a broad, diverse group of Americans enjoy it.

Here’s Pollack’s failed attempt at clarification:

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure there are more than few women out there who “eat, sleep and breathe college football during the season.” Why exclude women? Why even bother discussing the composition of committee to begin with?

Well, it’s because the The Associated Press reported yesterday that former Bush Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, “is expected to be part of the selection committee that will pick the teams for the College Football Playoff next year, a person with direct knowledge of the process.” And, ya, if you have to know, Rice is a huge Stanford football fan who frequently helps the school recruit top prospects, and was born in Tuscalusa, Alabama (home to greatest college football program of all time).

And she volunteers as a coach for the Stanford golf team. What now, Pollack? (Wait, we’re not done breaking his balls about this? Ok…)

Here’s what some prominent female sports reporters thought of his implied comments.

Thoughts? Comments? Think he was right? Who do you think should decide which NCAA football programs make it into the proposed playoff? Here’s the rumored candidates for the 12-18 person committee, as of right now. Let us know where you stand on the issue by Tweeting to @SportsGrid.

[Via HuffPost] Former Mississippi and New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning, former Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, the former Air Force Academy superintendent, and former NCAA executive Tom Jernstedt, who worked with the basketball tournament selection committee…Southern California athletic director Pat Haden, Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long.