Dawww, Cute Texas Tech Fan Feels Bad For Swearing

  • Eric Goldschein

Thursday nights were once the domain of college football before the NFL was all like, “I want me some of that” and now we watch crappy Pats-Jets games. So if you missed Texas Tech upsetting 24th ranked TCU at home last night 20-10, we’re not surprised. Not much happened except the cutest thing ever, and we’re not talking about that loose fox.

Most of the action took place in the fourth quarter, including what looked like a 49-yard touchdown by Tech’s DeAndre Washington. Unfortunately, Washington pulled a DeSean Jackson and dropped the ball at the half-yard line, nullifying the score. When the refs called it back, at least one fan was visibly upset (via Deadspin):

Oh my gawd you’re so adorable with your genuine fear of being seen cursing and your moral upbringing and your unbridled passion which was quickly bridled. The Red Raiders scored on that same drive, so hopefully this girl clapped politely then went home, had a nice cup of tea, and read “Pride And Prejudice” until she fell asleep.