Denard Robinson Gets A Love Note In Class

  • Glenn Davis

No matter how much success or how influential a team in another sport at the school may be, the University of Michigan is a football school first and foremost. And, as such, football players are the big men on campus. Given that he’s the team’s star quarterback, it figured that Denard Robinson would be the biggest man on campus. And in a new book on Rich Rodriguez‘ Michigan tenure, Three and Out, marvelously-named author John U. Bacon pretty much confirms it.

Of course, being the big man on campus isn’t easy. Robinson has to wake up early and get treatment for his knee – which includes doing time in a 50-degree cold tub that he can barely force himself to get into. And when he finally settles in, all he can think about is all those people who say things to him like, “Y’all got it made.” Robinson’s opinion on that: “They don’t see this!” Ah, but then it’s time to go to class. And while class demands on top of football demands are overwhelming in high-level college athletics, class is also where things like this happen:

While Robinson packed his things to go, a female student slipped him a small, handwritten note, which he tucked away.

He walked with Gardner and receiver Kelvin Grady across campus for lunch. He peaked at the note: “For your eyes only,” written in purple ink.”You seem like a really nice guy and I think it’d be cool to hang out with you. And no, I’m not a creepy stalker! Text me some time.”

Robinson grinned and shook his head. Grady demanded to see it, then started laughing. “Ahhhhh! Same note I got!” he said.

“I’m not a creepy stalker” – just what a creepy stalker would WANT you to think, am I right?!?!?! (Just kidding, young lady who is probably not creepy and whose heart is probably filled with much kindness and goodwill!) Really, though, notes? We didn’t think that happened anymore – or at least that it only happened for younger kids. Or maybe we just didn’t know about it because big-time college football players are the only ones who still have girls ogling them in class like Indiana Jones’ female students did to him. As far as perks of a position go, this is a pretty good one. In at least one way, Denard, trust us: y’all got it made.

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