One College Football Coach Was Defended On The Radio…By His Mom

  • Timothy Burke

First things first. Barbara Dooley, mother to Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley, did not pull a Karen Stewart. Stewart was (allegedly) calling into radio shows on behalf of her husband; Barbara Dooley is an on-air host at WGAU in Athens, Georgia, the station from which she launched her inexplicable defense of her son during a live interview with two Knoxville sportswriters who implied Derek Dooley wasn’t up to the demands of SEC coaching. It was a bit more natural for her to be on the air, because she simply had to walk into the studio and strap on some headphones.

That having been said, you can only imagine the embarrassment for Coach Dooley at having his mama stand up for him in such a public way, though we don’t know yet if she has a history of these sorts of things (recall that her husband & Derek Dooley’s father Vince coached at Georgia).

Tennessee’s next road game is on October 22nd in Tuscaloosa. Keep your eyes out for some clever Mama’s Boy signs.

Video from ESPN, audio from WGAU.

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