Did Either ESPN Or The Dan Patrick Show Get Fooled By A Luther Campbell Impersonator This Morning? (Update: The Answer Is No)

  • Timothy Burke

Rapper and Miami Hurricanes supporter Luther Campbell is making the media rounds, responding to this week’s Yahoo! Sports investigation with harsh words about convicted felon Nevin Shapiro. But when Campbell appeared simultaneously on The Herd With Colin Cowherd and The Dan Patrick Show Friday morning, it demanded our own investigation.

First, the facts:

Campbell’s Dan Patrick Show interview segment aired (on the TV simulcast) at 10:45:30 EDT and concluded at 10:58:00.

His segment aired on the TV simulcast of The Herd (guest-hosted Friday by Doug Gottlieb) starting at 10:46:58 and concluded at 10:53:59.

Morning radio shows regularly tape interviews off-air and air them later, but a SportsGrid inquiry to ESPN confirmed the Campbell interview was conducted and aired live — which means the Dan Patrick interview had to have been taped (we’re waiting to hear back from them).

Enter the screencaps (click to enlarge). Video of the Dan Patrick interview segment shows in-studio clocks reading 10:45:26 at the opening of the segment and 10:57:51 at the end of it.

If the clocks are right and the Dan Patrick Show isn’t using any kind of trick editing to patch in a previously-recorded interview, then either the person who appeared on that show is an impostor or the one who spoke to Doug Gottlieb is. So here’s both interviews in their entirety — is this the same person?

Dan Patrick Show, as aired on Fox Sports Florida:

The Herd with Colin Cowherd, as aired on ESPNU:

We’ll update the post if we hear back from the Dan Patrick folks — but assuming their video is authentic and ESPN is telling the truth, one of those two Luthers is a fake.

Update: We spoke with DP Show Executive Producer Paul Pabst, who explained the interview was taped Thursday afternoon and that while taped interviews are common in sports talk radio, the Dan Patrick Show tapes less than 1% of its interviews. Do they have an obligation to identify to the audience when an interview being aired isn’t being conducted live? That’s for you to decide.

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