Did Texas A&M Land A Helicopter Full Of Coaches To Scout A Texas High School Football Game On Friday?

  • Rick Chandler

Texas A&M is searching for the next Johnny Football, and apparently a quest goes much faster by helicopter. Word is that the Aggies sent coaches to scout Friday night’s Allen vs. Plano West high school game in a Texas A&M-painted helicopter, buzzing the stadium and then landing on a practice field adjacent to the game in Plano. (Both schools are just north of Dallas).

Better view here.

Who were they there to see? Allen quarterback Kyler Murray, a highly-rated junior who passed for more than 2,000 yards and rushed for more than 1,300 yards with 42 touchdowns last season.

Some at the game were convinced that Johnny Manziel himself was in the helicopter, although that’s probably not the case. If Johnny Football wasn’t on board, though, we can assume that the money he’s bringing in to A&M paid for the transportation.

Murray threw for four touchdowns as Allen beat West Plano 77-37.