Don't Pity (Almost Former) Florida Coach Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp is getting off easy. Muschamp did terrible things to the Florida program. He's destroyed Jeff Driskel -- for the time being -- and the Florida Gators will take years to rebuild. Some poor soul will have [his hands full]( (of money and problems) **\[Update: That poor soul is Jim McElwain\]**. And Muschamp will walk away with a library of photos depicting his sad face (pictured above). But again, he's the one that gets to walk away. He'll take a shower -- lather, rinse repeat. And it will be new chapter of his career. Florida's got to live with what he's done. They've got to clean up his mess. [Spencer Hall of SB Nation writes](

> (Firing a coach) is the eggs, bacon, and coffee heralding the beginning of the end of a skull-shattering hangover, and possibly the cinnamon bun you eat on the way out the door in a desperate attempt to feel anything good at all.

But that damn hangover comes. The crippling headache. The anxiety -- the depression -- the tears. Wait, your hangovers aren't like that? Awkward. Meanwhile, Muschamp will get another job -- probably before Florida has a winning season. **\[Update: Muschamp will be Auburn's defensive coordinator\]**. At most, it will take him a full year to get hired. Even if it takes that long, he's leaving with his pockets full, as he has a [$6.2 million buyout]( So he can afford to wait a year for a job offer. Muschamp has been a defensive coordinator for the Texas Longhorns, the Auburn Tigers and the Miami Dolphins. His defense at Florida remained a pro pipeline, despite the sluggish, sometimes pathetic, offense. So, he'll send his resume around and end up as a defensive coordinate in the Big 10, the Pac 12, or hell, the NFC South. Once one comes, he will slink into a Lane Kiffin-sized hole in some program, where he can hide from the scathing media. He will probably help that program build a legitimate and respectable defense, too. And while it's definitely an awkward process for him to "step down," at least his players are showing signs of support. > Today, they play for Muschamp. [\#Gators]( 17-3 | 2Q []( — SEC Network (@SECNetwork) [November 22, 2014](

He seems to be at peace about it: > "I was given every opportunity to get it done here and I simply didn't win enough games -- that is the bottom line," Muschamp said in a statement. "I'm disappointed that I didn't get it done and it is my responsibility to get it done. "I have no bitter feelings, but this is a business and I wish we would have produced better results on the field."

But the scenario could have gone in the Rex Ryan direction (Let's be real, Muschamp is absolutely the Rex Ryan of the NCAA). And I've written before that I don't really understand how [Ryan still has a job]( So, what if Florida took a stand and made him stick around and fix what he's done. What if they held him accountable, made him stay and create some semblance of football coherency? _That_ would be torture. Because, honestly Muschamp probably can't dig himself out of this ditch. The list of problems is too long, and [he's got none of the answers]( Florida could do their best to surround him with smart Football minds, like the Jets have done with Rex. Perhaps an offensive-minded coach could help him start over on offense. But by ending this marriage, Florida is doing Muschamp a favor. Things are going to get worse before they get better. But for Muschamp, things are going to get better quickly. _[Follow Henry McKenna on twitter @McKennAnalysis]( _Photo via Getty_