A Drunk USC Football Player Who Was Passed Out In An Alley Behind A Frat Was Arrested For Stealing A Bunch Of Apple Products

  • Dylan Murphy

First it was anything Lane Kiffin, then it was three five-star blue chippers de-committing from USC before National Signing Day, and now it’s redshirt sophomore tight end Junior Pomee sporting bracelets for stealing an iPad, iPad Mini and an iPhone 5.

Two days after the January 29th incident, Pomee pleaded not guilty to burglary, grand theft and three counts of receiving stolen goods. He will make a second appearance in court on February 15th after being released on $110,000 bail, though finding the stolen items on his drunk and passed out person in an alley behind the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is pretty incriminating evidence.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

“‘DPS officers responded to an intoxicated student who passed out in an alley behind the location,’ the entry said. ‘The student became combative when contacted by the officers and had to be physically subdued. The officers found the student in possession of a tablet computer and other property that did not belong to him and they subsequently determined that the items had been stolen.

‘The student was then arrested and transported to [the LAPD’s Southwest Division] station for booking.'”

Maybe this explains where Lane Kiffin went.

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