New Southern Miss Coach Ellis Johnson Tells Us A Little More Than We Need To Know

  • Glenn Davis

New Southern Miss head football coach Ellis Johnson brings an extensive résumé to the job – he’s served as South Carolina’s defensive coordinator since 2008, has held the same title at Mississippi State, Alabama, and Clemson, and even served three years as the Citadel’s head coach from 2001-2003. But with all that experience comes…age. Johnson will turn 60 in a few days, so he’s getting up there in years for someone just beginning a head coaching job. It’s enough of a potential issue that someone even asked him about his energy level heading into the job today. But Johnson had an answer. Oh, did he have an answer.

USM coach Ellis Johnson with an all-time quote on his energy level at 59 years old “I’ve had no complaints from Caroline.” (His wife)

Well, he convinced us. Not only is he ready to tackle this exhausting endeavor, but we think he might be able to at least outlast Todd Graham…no not like that YOU SICK FREAKS.

[h/t Bryan Fischer]

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