Even If You Don’t Care About Kansas State-North Dakota State Tonight, Watch This Trash Talk Video

  • Eric Goldschein

As a New Yorker, I couldn’t care less about the outcome of Kansas State-North Dakota State tonight. And unless you’re from either of those two states, you’re probably like me. So take no sides, but go ahead and watch the “K-State Mask” talk a whole bunch of hilarious shit on NDSU. Why didn’t anybody tell me about this guy before?

Hold on, I need to run down to the nearest Waffle House and Ford dealership so I can put together a rec team to play against FCS schools.

Surprisingly (to me), not everyone finds this man’s method of inspiration so appealing. A few YouTube comments:

This is what k state fans do? Talk smack to schools 20x smaller than them? Yikes. And 60,000 fans? That’s so many. Go Big Red. Ps I hope all state fans aren’t like like this dumb idiot. What a fag

Lol you’re fat

your mom’s basement looks real nice bro.
ps you might wanna get that diabetes looked at.

So what you’re saying is, you didn’t like it when he made fun of your football team?