10 Fantastic Names Of Hotshot High School Football Prospects

  • Glenn Davis

We’re just one week removed from national signing day for high school prospects, and you know what that means: time to start looking forward to next year’s signing day! Today, to help you do just that, Rivals released its initial list of the top 100 players in the high school class of 2013. As we were looking over this list, though, something jumped out at us even more than these players’ talents: their names. True, recruiting always provides for some good fodder in this area, but these seemed even better than usual. With that in mind, our 10 favorites from the list. Photos from Rivals unless otherwise noted:

Altee Tenpenny

With a last name like “Tenpenny,” he should really be wearing a monocle and top hat everywhere he goes. Including the football field. (He would wear the top hat on top of his helmet.)

Tyrone Swoopes

Other names just sound cool. This is one of those names. Can’t you just picture him smoothly running around the field like a deer, leaving defenders tripping over themselves in his wake?

Will Likely

Wordplay potential: endless. Which position do you think he will likely end up playing? Which school will he likely choose? Will you likely punch me in the face if I do any more of these? (Yes.)

Vernon Hargreaves III

Apologies, Vernon. Rivals seems to have misplaced you. The lacrosse all-name team is here. (Photo via)

Laremy Tunsil

The name says “Laremy Tunsil.” We keep seeing “Laramie Tonsil,” which would be Wyoming’s finest oral surgery practice, or something.

Taquan Mizzell

Another one that just sounds smooth, but would be improved exponentially if he wound up at Missouri. Why? He’d then be Mizzou’s Mizzell. Make it happen, Gary Pinkel.

Jake Butt

Heh-heh. Butt.

E.J. Levenberry Jr.

A mouthful for any announcer who has to say that name – he has the rare combo of “initials first name” and “Jr.” affixed on the end. Add “Levenberry’ in the middle and there’s really a lot going on here.

Holland Fisher

This, we assume, is his favorite website.

Dee Liner

This one’s nothing short of sublime. He’s a defensive end! Dee Liner is literally a d-liner! There hasn’t been a name this fitting since Dustin Lineback. And just think – this list was only from the top 100 players in the country. Factor in the eventual classes of all FBS teams, and this could be the best name year yet. (We can dream.)

Above photo via Shutterstock, by Aspen Photo