Old Guy Participates In Internet Craze That Refuses To End (Plus A Special SportsGrid Bonus)

  • Glenn Davis

You know internet memes. You love internet memes. And we bet the only thing you love more than an internet meme is an old person – especially one you wouldn’t guess is very technologically-inclined – taking part in an internet meme they probably know nothing about. And with that in mind, perhaps you’ll enjoy Virginia Tech’s football program, with 66-year-old coach Frank Beamer leading away, churning out its own version of the internet’s most unkillable meme of recent vintage. You know the one.

There. Old guy dance. Fun, right? Well, we thought we’d take the occasion to announce something of our own… that’s right, the official SportsGrid Harlem Shake rendition, brought to you by me, SportsGrid editor Glenn Davis. Here goes…

For shame.

[Dr. Saturday]