“Big Balls Chip”: The Best (And Worst!) College GameDay Signs Of The Weekend

  • Dan Fogarty

One of the better pregame shows on television is ESPN’s College GameDay, and one of the better aspects of College GameDay is scanning the background for entertaining fan-made signs. For those of you who were still sleeping on Saturday morning, or otherwise missed this week’s batch of signs, we’ve decided to round up the five best for you. This week, GameDay visited Eugene ahead of Oregon’s matchup with Arizona State. As always, all images provided by Mocksession.

5. My Arms Are Tired

College Gameday’s start time of 10am Eastern didn’t do any favors for the college kids in Eugene, who bravely fought their Saturday morning hangovers to come out for the 7am Pacific start (some were out on the campus’ memorial quad at 1 in the morning). As you can see, one of these courageous Duck fans was starting to show signs of fatigue.

4. ASU Cheerleaders Have Cankles

One of the more notable signs of the day didn’t actually make it on air. And just so we’re clear: ASU cheerleaders do not actually have cankles. Still, when it comes to insulting an opposing fanbase, charges of cankle-having cuts right to the core (photo via Sorry Bro Sports).

3. Release The Quacken

The Clash of the Titans line that launched a thousand memes gets its own GameDay sign. In fact, let’s pause a minute and enjoy the following YouTube video.

2. Osweiler Cried During Dolphin Tale

According to one Ducks fan, Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler (who had 291 yards and two touchdowns in ASU’s loss to Oregon) cried during Dolphin Tale, which is “a story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap.” Well done.

1. Big Balls Chip

How this one got past GameDay security (which is famous for confiscating risqué signs) is beyond me. As Oregon coach Chip Kelly sat down with ESPN’s commentators, there was very plainly a sign behind him touting the size of his balls (he’s transporting them via wheelbarrow in that sign, in case you’re curious).

Worst Sign Of The Day That Was Clearly Made In Panic: Thanks For The Sun, Devils, But…

“Thanks For The Sun, Devils, But…” — whoa whoa whoa, we’re going to stop you right there, chief. Yes, the Oregon Ducks are playing the ASU Sun Devils. But strategic comma insertion does not a clever sign make. Plus: it’s not even sunny out.