There Are Two Guys Named Gerald Dixon On The South Carolina Football Team

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Gerald Dixon Brothers South CarolinaSeriously, this story is absurd. Steve Spurrier has two players with the same name on his football team. And there is a story behind this absurdity.

From Clay Travis’s mailbag on Outkick The Coverage:

Thomas M. writes:

“I was recently looking at the South Carolina football roster and noticed that there were two redshirt sophomores named Gerald Dixon. At first I thought some SID intern just forgot to update the roster but I noticed that while they were both from Rock Hill, SC, they went to different high schools. It turns out that they are half brothers. So not only did Gerald Dixon get two women pregnant in the same year, he convinced both to name their kid after him, and then both kids turned out to be stud defensive linemen. Why is this not a national story?! Gerald Dixon Sr. might be a more legendary father than Orlando Shaw!”

As if that wasn’t enough Gerald Dixon, Sr. got both kids to enroll at South Carolina in the same year.

Then they redshirted in the same year.

Now both will see playing time on the defensive line this fall. In fact, Gerald Dixon, Jr. is listed as a co-starter.

As for Gerald Dixon, Sr., he’s a PE teacher in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

How ridiculous is this story? Who’s is your favorite Gerald Dixon?

I want to make a joke, but the best one was already made by Travis, so I’ll just re-post it and give him credit:

This is an amazing story, but just wait until Travis Henry’s kids all become eligible to play college football. Tennessee is going to have an entire recruiting class made up just of Travis Henry’s kids, who will all play different positions, and that class will probably be ranked number one in the nation.

Two cocks, one name.

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