Gus Johnson Has Level Seven Gusgasm Over Play That’s Later Nullified

  • Spencer Lund

What a great moment from Senior Day! Senior Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis snagged a deflected pass from Iowa State quarterback Jared Barnett, and rumbled past one late defender into the end-zone for a touchdown. Did we mention iIt’s Senior Day, and Travis is a senior!? It’s not exactly a Rudy story, since Lewis has been starting since 2008, but it could be a fun one for Lewis’ grandkids some day.

Except… well, just watch.

Thanks to an illegal block in the back from JaMarkus McFarland, the touchdown was nullified, and the ball brought back to the spot of the foul. Tough break for Travis on one of his last days as a Sooner, but hey, this moment will live on the internet for eternity, mainly because Most Excited Announcer Ever Gus Johnson called it.

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Also, in case you’re scoring at home, we’d give this Gusgasm a solid 7.0 out of 10, with 10 (as always) being this.