Here’s Ohio State’s Yearly Email Imploring Students Not To Get Drunk And Jump Into Mirror Lake Before The Michigan Game

  • Dylan Murphy

The Mirror Lake jump at Ohio State is a 20+ year tradition in which students jump into the lake during the week leading up to the Michigan game. As per usual, Ohio State sent its annual ignored email yesterday morning reminding its students that alcohol + freezing water + more alcohol is a public relations nightmare dangerous.

Here’s the letter sent out to students Monday morning in anticipation of the jump tonight at midnight (via

We have so many ways of showing our Buckeye Spirit, from O-H-I-O to events such as Convocation when you first arrived on campus to the Candlelight Ceremony just before spring commencement.

Clearly, Ohio State has many wonderful traditions. The Mirror Lake jump is not one of them. And I strongly encourage you not to participate.

The problem with the jump is that it’s dangerous. The water and the air are cold, meaning hypothermia is a significant risk. The Lake is too shallow for diving, and being pushed into the water could mean a serious injury. The bottom is rocky, leading to cuts. Garbage also accumulates underwater, and you don’t even want to think about what you might be stepping on.

And if these concerns weren’t enough, far too many students use the occasion to drink alcohol to excess, increasing the danger to themselves and everyone around them exponentially.

I’m sorry to risk sounding authoritative, but there is great risk that someone is going to get hurt.

The combination of cold weather, alcohol, wet clothing, and the slippery lake bottom can lead to lots of bad things: hypothermia, frostbite, upper respiratory infections, sprains, and broken bones among others.

My strongest advice is to skip the jump. There are no classes the next day, so take the opportunity to spend extra time with friends, family, and loved ones. I promise that your Ohio State experience will not be diminished for missing this. And the football team doesn’t need you to jump in order to beat Michigan.

There are plenty of other ways to show your spirit. The Beat Michigan website lists a number of events and activities.

But, if you insist on jumping, at least take precautions. Don’t drink to excess, wear shoes, don’t dive or push anyone into the water, and get out and dry off quickly. But again, even being careful doesn’t eliminate the risks. You are still putting yourself and others in possible jeopardy, and everyone would be better off without this dangerous activity.

Let’s celebrate Ohio State’s rich and beautiful traditions. This event is neither, and I encourage you to direct your enthusiasm elsewhere.

Dr. J

Javaune Adams-Gaston, PhD
Vice President for Student Life

Cuts! You could cut your foot! GAH CANCEL THE JUMP. But we see what you really did there, Ohio State – slipping in that brief paragraph about alcohol, as if student health were your greatest concern. No, you just don’t want a bunch of drunk kids running around campus, hypothermia or not. You know, because you don’t encourage tens of thousands of people to drink every Saturday with your college football-fueled school spirit.

Here’s more (in bold!) from OSU’s website:

If you lose your residence hall key, the cost to replace it is $125.00!!

Oh no! There’s NO WAY anyone can jump into the lake without taking their keys out of their pockets!

And $125 for a five-cent residence hall key? No wonder why the football program is so rich these days.

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