Here's Why Oregon's Quarterback Is A Genius, Will Barely Attend Classes This Season

  • Eric Goldschein

marcus mariota

If you’re looking for a college quarterback to take the leap this year, I’d bet on Marcus Mariota, redshirt junior at Oregon. Unlike many of his peers, Mariota won’t even have to pretend like he’s going to classes. The Honolulu native loaded up on credits last year, taking 20 in all to complete his general science degree in three years. So here’s his schedule this fall:

Golf and yoga, twice a week. That’s it. No biology. No English literature in the 1800s. No Russian history. No, um, “African-American Studies.” Sure, most athletes don’t really have classes either, but at least Mariota now has a degree that he can use after his playing career is over (he wants to go into physical therapy).

Mariota was already projected as a top QB prospect in next year’s NFL Draft. If all this yoga, golf and football practice pays off, watch him rocket up the board.

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