In Case You Missed It: Ohio State Band’s Tribute To Michael Jackson Was Amazing

  • Rick Chandler

With the exception of the Stanford Band and maybe a couple of others, I find college football marching bands to be antiquated and kind of sad, like your 80-year-old uncle in outdated clothes pulling up to the house in his ’65 Rambler, with one of the hubcaps falling off and clattering down the sidewalk. But Ohio State’s marching band? They’ve got it goin’ on.

Sure they wear the same dopey uniforms and carry the same instruments with all of the nerdist trimmings, but their skill is at such an otherworldly level that the way they dress doesn’t matter. Saturday’s halftime tribute to Michael Jackson was another of the OSU band’s great efforts, and must be seen. The entire program is below.

Now having seen this, and it’s great, I can’t help but wonder how Stanford would have approached the same subject matter. Hoooooo, boy. This is why we need an Ohio State vs. Stanford Rose Bowl. I’d go just to see halftime.