Iowa Field Runner ‘Vodka Samm’ Speaks Out For First Time Since Blowing A .341 In Jail

  • Jake O'Donnell

We’ve all had long days of doing stuff we regret — but probably nothing quite like Samantha Goudie. She got wasted at the Iowa Northern Illinois game, tried to run on the field, couldn’t because she was .06 BAC away from an alcohol induced coma, went to jail, triumphantly tweeted about it…and then had to go back to normal life the next day.

As “Vodka Samm,” the “female idiot” who tried to run on the field. It was like the 22-year-old American college girl version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Except she didn’t want the fame after the booze cleared her system. You can thank Deadspin for that…

Her mea culpa (above), suggests she struggles with depression and an eating disorder, ultimately shedding some light on why she may have gotten so drunk in the first place. (No food, all vodka?) She even turns the tables, and tries to define her situation as one where she did the right thing — by turning down the fame that followed her infamous day at the game.

Was that the right thing to say — even though “@Vodka_Samm” was her self-appointed Twitter handle? Is she avoiding responsibility? Does she get credit for not “running” with this? We think she’s righting the ship. Let’s hope other college kids are watching: Even though it’s college, real life rules still apply. Save yourself the trouble. Stop drinking before you do something you’ll regret. Here’s her quote:

[Via Lost Letterman] “I could have easily taken this opportunity, and ran with it, and been ‘Vodka Samm’ my entire life,” Goudie said in the interview posted on YouTube. “But that’s not why I came to college, I didn’t come to college to drink and be Vodka Samm.”