Iowa State Upsets Iowa, Claims Interim Cy-Hawk Trophy, Proceeds To Destroy It

  • Timothy Burke

The Iowa State Cyclones beat rival Iowa 44-41 in triple overtime Saturday, giving them rights to the Cy-Hawk Trophy — or it would if that trophy were not being quietly redesigned after mass public derision. So it figures moments after winning this ersatz trophy that Iowa State students, players, or fans would immediately destroy it.

If you’ve for some reason forgotten, the new Cy-Hawk Trophy was introduced several weeks ago only to be withdrawn after it earned nearly unanimous disapproval from the public. It looks like whatever trophy they found to serve in the interim wasn’t exactly up to the task. Look closely at the trophy in one piece right before the Fox Sports announcers send it down to Jim Knox on the field. Then look at it when they cut back to the crowd shot — it’s in several pieces.

Video from Fox Sports.

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