Vanderbilt’s James Franklin Is Fired Up

  • Glenn Davis

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin is a fiery guy. That’s his personality, and he’s used it to his advantage by rebuilding the Commodores in his image. His attitude is at the heart of why they’ve made it to two straight bowls for the first time in program history, it’s at the heart of why Vandy’s recruiting better than it ever has, and it’s at the heart of why his team just finished the year 9-4 with a 38-24 Music City Bowl win over N.C. State. Don’t believe us that Franklin wears his heart on his sleeve at all times? Perhaps a few moments from today’s game will change your mind. First up:

And here he was after a Vandy player accidentally stopped his own guy during an interception return:

Like we said… fiery guy. Too fiery? Well… doesn’t seem like it. While it’s far from an exhaustive sampling, here are a few real-time reactions to Franklin’s theatrics:

The style’s not for everyone, but there’s more praise than condemnation. And besides, it’s not all about the yelling. When Frankin’s happy, he shows that, too. How outwardly does he show it, you ask? Well…

Love or hate his methods, you sure can’t say he doesn’t let you know where you stand.