Jason Whitlock Or Charles Robinson: Who Did The Damn Thing? A SportsGrid! Investigation

  • Dan Fogarty

Charles Robinson is a Yahoo! Sports investigative reporter who broke the newest story of improper benefits in big-time collegiate athletics when he detailed the exploits of convicted Ponzi schemer (and former Miami Hurricanes booster) Nevin Shapiro.

From afar, it would appear, as Fox Sports national columnist Jason Whitlock likes to say, that Robinson “did the damn thing.”

A University of Miami booster, incarcerated for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme, has told Yahoo! Sports he provided thousands of impermissible benefits to at least 72 athletes from 2002 through 2010.

That sure feels like the damn thang got diddy did.

But wait! Whitlock, in a column published Wednesday, says that, no, the dern diddly did not get Dirk Diggled.

An objective, mature, nuanced examination of Shapiro’s allegations and the framing of Yahoo! Sports reporter Charles Robinson’s story expose Shapiro’s fraudulence and why the Yahoo! story should not be trusted as delivered.

Oh, my. So the dang diddy didn’t get diddy did.

Yes it did, said Robinson on Nick Wright’s 610Sports radio show. The dang thang indeed got diddy did. It got diddy did all over the place.

So many questions! Like: Was the damn thing done? If yes, when was it done? Who was doing the didding? What would Diddy do?

[Image via Deadspin]

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