Jay Bilas Made The NCAA Look So Stupid That They Had To Acknowledge It

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Jay Bilas NCAAThe only thing Jay Bilas likes more then length and wingspans is calling out the NCAA for its hypocrisy. He’s done an admirable job, but despite his persistence, the NCAA has never cared that it’s being embarrassed, because it can typically do whatever it wants.

But yesterday, Bilas embarrassed them so much that they actually did something, which is a marvel itself. He sent out this tweet, and Twitter exploded.

Obviously, the argument is: Johnny Football can’t profit from signing his own autograph, but the NCAA can profit from a jersey marketed under his name, and they don’t have to share any of they moneys with Mr. Football. Unfair.

Bilas has 2 bajillion followers, so people ran with this, pointing out that this works even for the budding, quasi-stars and the disgraced.

And James Vandenberg. (For non-B1G fans, that means “useless.”)

Amidst the embarrassment, the NCAA removed the search bar from their website, completely. Now, you can’t even make legitimate searches, like “ROWL TYDE TEEYE SHURT.”

It’s not hard to make the NCAA look stupid, but it is hard to make them to acknowledge it. This is one of the first times a domino has fallen (aside from a playoff actually happening), so perhaps more will follow. Thank you, Jay Bilas.

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