Jay Bilas Rips NCAA On Mike and Mike, Lays Out Plan To Fix Current System

  • Jake O'Donnell

Jay Bilas is a smart dude. His claim to fame in the legal community — oh ya, he’s an actual lawyer — was a successful defense of the costume industry against trademark claims made by, get this, Barney. Like, the big purple dinosaur. Point being, it should come as no surprise that his thoughts on the matter of NCAA athlete exploitation hold actual weight.

He’s like the opposite of Stephen A. Smith/Skip Bayless when it comes to these kind of things.

On the heels of the Ed O’Bannon ruling, which basically gives NCAA athletes control over their likenesses, Bilas joined the Mike and Mike program to discuss what needs to happen next to make college sports more fair for everyone involved. Speaking as a former Duke basketball player, Bilas first suggested that each sport should be considered separately because of the disparity between their potential to generate revenue.

[Via ESPN]