Stanford’s Jeremy Stewart Records A Special Teams Tackle…On His Own Teammate

  • Glenn Davis

Sometimes a kick returner will take the ball out of the end zone instead of taking a knee, and you know it won’t end well. You can sort of understand, because they want to make a big play, but it’s just doomed from the start. Well, Stanford receiver/return man Ty Montgomery had one of those moments earlier in tonight’s Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State. Or at least, teammate Jeremy Stewart thought Montgomery was about to have one of those moments. Stewart, though, was in a position to do something about it, and did he ever:

Of course, we’ll never truly know if Stewart’s decision was the right one from a kick return perspective. From an entertainment perspective? Genius. It’s not every day you see someone knock a teammate down, on purpose, with no ill intent. Maybe Montgomery was a little embarrassed in the moment, but hopefully he realizes Stewart just wanted what was best for him, dammit.

Video by CJ Fogler.