Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Tells Everyone To “Dial 1-800-Reality” If They Believe Sandusky Shower Story

  • Glenn Davis

Jerry Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola, noted for his defense strategy of “just throwing s— against the wall,” stepped in front of the cameras today to explain his client’s decision to waive his preliminary hearing, and also talk about what he plans to do going forward to exonerate his client. And Amendola, who’s never met a TV camera and/or microphone he didn’t love, ate the spotlight right up. In the process, though, he said some things that might be considered odd for a defense attorney in the middle of a case in which his client is accused of some of the worst crimes known to man.

But that’s Amendola. Some thought he was auditioning for his own Judge Judy-style daytime court show. They may well have been on to something. But occasionally, something of substance (if not exactly surprising) popped up. One such detail was when Amendola explained why undermining the credibility of Mike McQueary will be so critical to Sandusky’s defense. Amendola called McQueary’s grand jury testimony the “centerpiece” of the prosecution’s case, then attempted to poke holes in it. And in so doing, he offered up one of his more theatrical moments:

Yep – he said “1-800-Reality.” Fitting in a way, considering we could absolutely imagine Amendola shilling on a late-night infomercial; indeed, those may be where he gets his tactics for salesmanship. (Also, if you actually dial 1-800-Reality, um, here’s what you get. Amendola might actually just be a troll, or as we speculated once, perhaps a double agent for the prosecution.)

It remains to be seen, though, if any of this showmanship will actually help Sandusky. Amendola’s trying everything he can think of – painting Sandusky as clumsy with words to explain his awkward interviews, saying he’s looking into whether any of the alleged victims were colluding to try and get money from Sandusky. But today, just like it generally has, most of Amendola’s strategy made us think, “Wow, he is just throwing s— against the wall.”

[h/t Jon Wertheim]