The Paterno Family Is Releasing Its Own Report On The Sandusky Scandal Soon, And Hopefully It’s Over After This

  • Matt Rudnitsky

We are very sorry for bothering you with Joe Paterno news, but this is relatively important. The Paterno family wasn’t happy with the Freeh Report, so they’re releasing their own, longer report, that sounds like it’s mainly a critique of the Freeh Report itself.

While the details of what will actually be contained in what’s being called an “extremely comprehensive” report are not known, it’s expected to center on the tactics utilized by the Freeh group, which “conducted over 430 interviews and reviewed over 3.5 million documents” during a probe that began in November of 2011. Coach Paterno was not one of those interviewed. Neither was Mike McQueary, the then-grad assistant who witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy in a shower located in the football program’s on-campus building in 2001.

By the way, we’re pretty darn sure Joe Paterno was negligent regarding much of Jerry Sandusky’s behavior.

Are there legitimate critiques to be made of the Freeh Report? Absolutely. But the report was still pretty damning. It’s highly unlikely that the new report will have any evidence that Joe Paterno was completely innocent, or close to it. An imperfect report can be damning – and this one was, to Joe Paterno.

Could it change public opinion slightly, by damaging Freeh’s credibility? Sure. But the continued complete denial by the Paterno family is ridiculous. As we know, even Joe himself said, “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”

This comes in the wake of Sue Paterno’s upcoming interview with Katie Couric (who apparently is the greatest interviewer in all of sports, or something).

The Paterno investigation is worth monitoring, but I doubt we’ll see anything groundbreaking from a report directed by the family itself. At best, this is basically an effective political attack ad. At worst, it’s useless and annoying. And, hopefully, the Paternos just give up after this.

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