Racist Guy In Johnny Football Shirt Causes Airport Fight, Shames Texas A&M Fans Everywhere (NSFW Language)

  • Glenn Davis

Well, you couldn’t expect things to keep going too perfectly for Texas A&M, could you? They just knocked off the No. 1 team in America, moved into the Top 10 themselves, and have a Heisman frontrunner/national sensation at quarterback. That’s just asking for the universe to even things out a bit, so now we have the video below – one that will make any Texas A&M fan who doesn’t happen to be a drunken racist lunatic the slightest bit ashamed to (apparently) root for the same team as this guy. Warning: the video below contains an N-bomb.

Wow. What a crazy asshole, and it’s hard not to watch and wish he’d taken a much worse beating. Also, the people talking at the end are right: how did it take that long for things to get broken up? At least they did eventually – and at least someone recorded the whole thing so Johnny Football Shirt Guy gets the public shaming he deserves. Oh, and according to the uploader, here’s what provoked the conflict:

This all started over a bag of trail mix that the dude dumped on the counter and then refused to clean it up.

Sounds about right.

[SB Nation]

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