Johnny Football Briefly Returned To Twitter To Cite Drake Lyrics And Get Photographed With Girls

  • Matt Rudnitsky

When Johnny Football quit Twitter, the world wept. But we knew, at the very least, he’d drunk-tweet something in the near future. A man that plays such fun football and embraces his fun nickname and work hard, party hard lifestyle cannot be held silent for long. We knew this, and we were right. @JManziel2 went out Tuesday night, because football players do this (much to the chagrin of bitter old people), and somewhere at Texas A&M, he tweeted this.

Stupid tweet? Absolutely. Drunk tweet? I’d wager yes, but I don’t know nor do I care. What is more concerning isn’t his return to tweeting (he later deleted the tweet for whatever reason, by the way), it’s that he was photographed! Everybody, look at a football player/college student having fun! Driveling columnists, launch your tiny Word Rockets.

Busted Coverage has the details.

Leave it to Johnny Manziel to make waves on a random Tuesday night. Manziel went out for a night on the town and stopped by College Station hot-spot Chimy’s for T-Shirt Tuesday. Margaritas, too?

Manziel is getting smarter and wasn’t photographed (to our knowledge) with any booze in hand…

Manziel can delete his Twitter to “avoid distractions.” Shit, he can delete his Instagram account, too. The one thing he can’t seem to do is turn away white girls. Every time this guy goes out, white girls come flocking and he flat out won’t turn down a photo op.

Johnny “White Girl” Football, the Tim Tebow of normal college living.


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