Johnny Manziel Is In A Country Music Video About Babes And Trucks

  • Jake O'Donnell

As far as American-ass stuff goes, a guy nicknamed “Johnny Football” appearing in a country music video about trucks and women is up there. Slightly above The Baconator, neck and neck with Sharks with machine guns dressed like Elvis. The question is, is it more American than this shirt?

Oh, and the other non-musician in the video is former Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope, who can be paid for such on camera work. Manziel, not so much. “[If I violated NCAA rules]I would be excommunicated from the Aggie community, for sure,” country artist Granger Smith said. They really call guys who sing about the bench seat of a Chevy Silverado “artists”? Ya know what, forget the tee shirt. THAT’S the most American thing ever.