Johnny Manziel Delivered David Letterman’s Top 10, Wore A Tux, Will Probably Not Open A Dairy Queen

  • Glenn Davis

It’s pretty unlikely that “I’m gonna go on Letterman!” is a thought racing through the minds of early-20something Heisman winners in the moments after their victory is announced, but it is a yearly tradition. RGIII did it last year. Cam Newton did it the year before that. And last night, the newest member of the Heisman fraternity, Johnny Manziel, made his visit to the Ed Sullivan Theater and delivered the Top Ten list just like his predecessors. It was… well, it was:

Main thought watching this: man, can Dave even pretend to care anymore? I mean, I get it, the guy’s 65 and it’d be pretty tough for me to quit if I were getting paid upwards of $30 million a year, but I’m starting to wonder if, by the end of his current contract, the entire Late Show will be Dave just sitting at his desk, saying “Here’s the monologue, whatever” as the cue cards with the jokes on them are displayed on camera and Dave doesn’t even bother reading them anymore – he and the audience sit there in silence. Maybe he really should get replaced by Louis C.K.

As for Johnny Football, he was game, if perhaps not given the world’s most crackling material. But Dave? Let’s just say when he uttered his “If I was a younger guy…” line after No. 2 (the best item on the list, for my money), it hit a little too close to home. He’s a long way removed from bits like this. For the record, though: I did crack a smile at the “Does Barry Switzer still coach the Oklahoma Sooners?” question. At least Dave’s embracing his role as late night’s resident old man.

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