Johnny Manziel Tees Off With The Jonas Brothers, Makes The Jonas Brothers Temporarily Relevant

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Johnny Manziel still has another football game to play this season, but don’t tell him that. The Cotton Bowl is apparently the least of his worries, as he has now entered full offseason mode, taking the links for a round of 18. His teeing partners: The Jonas Brothers. Yep, those Jonas Brothers.

Thanks to Twitter — that thing where people say things and we all care a lot — we learned that the Texas A&M quarterback and the titular characters of the world famous boy band played golf with each other on this Christmas Eve. I wouldn’t mind a Christmas card with this picture on it.

The first ever freshman to win the Heisman Trophy has been making his rounds since bringing home the hardware. As Dr. Saturday points out:

Manziel hung out in Central Park with his girlfriend, did David Letterman’s Top Ten and then went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (and, perhaps more notably, with actress Megan Fox). He went to a Rockets-Sixers game and did the Heisman pose with James Harden, then caused a stir when he sat courtside for a Mavs-Heat game – and he hammed it up with LeBron James afterward.

BREAKING: Manziel still has to play a bowl game against Oklahoma. Someone should tell him.

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