Does Johnny Manziel Have The Texas Longhorns Logo Tattooed On His Abs? (PHOTO)

  • Dylan Murphy

You might notice something strange about this photo of Johnny Manziel in Cabo, which Busted Coverage first got their hands on: yes, that is what appears to be a tattoo of the Texas Longhorns logo on his abs.

Blasephemy! Or, wait: is this the work of a clever and devious Photoshop troll? It’s hard to say based on the photo alone, so let’s examine the circumstantial evidence before passing uncertain judgment:

Evidence for the prosecution:
-he grew up a Texas Longhorns fan.
-he was recuited, though lightly, by the Texas Longhorns.
-he’s been known to do dumb things while drunk.

Evidence for the defense:
-Texas wanted him to play defensive back
-someone’s probably seen Manziel without his shirt in the locker room before, and this has never come up before.
-he’s retreated from society at Texas A&M, so why would he induce some more controversy by taking a photo with his tattoo showing?

Verdict: Probably fake.

[Busted Coverage]