Johnny Manziel’s Offseason Conditioning Is Full Of Country Music And Liquor

  • Ricky Boebel

As a follow up to acting in an all-American country music video, Johnny Manziel appeared on stage with country singer Wade Bowen in College Station, TX.

What is that sweet living room set up doing at the back of stage? Maybe Wade Bowen travels with that much furniture.

By 3:30am the duo were still together, not singing, just announcing how they drink vodka:

Do you think Johnny Football has ever paid for alcohol in his entire life? I wonder if he thinks it’s customary to just be handed a beer whenever you meet someone.

Not that it matters in College Station, but Manziel doesn’t turn 21 til December. So let’s hope Texas A&M isn’t in the BCS Championship game because after his December 6 birthday he’s going to need a few weeks to recover from the alcohol poisoning.

The bottom line is Football (I call him Football for short) is an American hero. All he does is win Heismans and appear in videos with country music singers. All we can do is pray he doesn’t break his voice cords singing country ballads rendering his post-football country music career over.

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