Johnny Manziel’s First Half Against Alabama Includes Scrambling, Play Making, And Trucking Security Guards

  • Jake O'Donnell

In less than 15 minutes of football, Manziel managed to rack up 238-yards on 16/21 passing, with a quick touchdown to start off the game. Then he ran into a security guard because he scrambles a lot and stops thinking the second he steps off of a football field. Let’s see if that becomes news tomorrow (or if the guy at least gets an autograph out of it).


Then there was this third down scramble prayer, that basically functioned like both a hailmary and a punt at the same time — which is pretty crafty when you think about it (also risky, but it’s Johnny Manziel, come on). Even though Alabama is clearly the more balanced team on both sides of the ball, Manziel is looking like his usual composed, accurate, elusive self. Hope he’s excited to be a Raider next year!

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Photo via Fansided