BREAKING: Notable Quarterback Has Attractive Girlfriend

  • Dan Fogarty

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M’s sparky sparkplug of a quarterback, won the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night thanks to his ridiculous create-a-player stat line (3,419 yards passing, 1,181 yards rushing, and 43 total touchdowns) and a signature win against a team that very well could win the national championship (see the highlights here).

Up until a few weeks ago, Johnny Football had been muzzled by A&M’s program; head coach Kevin Sumlin has a very smart rule about true freshmen not being allowed to speak to the media. But as Manziel’s chance at a Heisman actually became tangible, the ban was lifted, and America finally got a chance to hear the (surprisingly lucid) YouTube sensation it had only just fallen in love with. Mr. Football’s got a lot going for him.

Alas, America, Johnny Football is taken. This is Sarah Savage, Manziel’s steady girlfriend, posing with his new hardware. According to The Big Lead, she’s a model, and Busted Coverage has more Instagrammy photos.

We’re just happy if Johnny’s happy.