Kansas Football’s New Helmets Are Beautiful (But Charlie Weis Is Still Not)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

New Kansas Football HelmetsCharlie Weis, self-proclaimed Sultan of Football, had an impressive first season as the Kansas football coach, notching a remarkable 1-11 (0-9) record. He really earned that almost-5-million-dollars he was paid. (That was sarcasm, though the $2.1 million Notre Dame paid him to not be their coach so that they could make the BCS title game was indeed money well spent.)

Sorry, I was distracted by Charlie’s dickishness. There is a story here.

His team got new helmets and jerseys! They’re really cool, as you can see via Weis’s Vine. He is not really cool.

The baby blue matte could (almost, not really) make Charlie Weis look good.

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