Kansas Jayhawks Unveil Gimmicky Chrome Football Uniforms

  • Igor Mello

This is what happens when your football program has been irrelevant for years and has no tradition. I mean, the guy who invented the original basketball rulebook started the university’s basketball program, for crying out loud. Kansas is a basketball school, and when your third-year football coach Charlie Weis is 4-24 during his tenure in Lawrence, it time to roll out some “look-at-me” uniforms.

On Tuesday, the Kansas Jayhawks unveiled their Crimson Chrome Adidas threads, channeling their inner Oregon Ducks. Instead of having the traditional “KU” monogram on the helmet, the school opted to stamp a big-ass JayHawk on one side of their new lids and the player’s number on the other. It’s the uniform equivalent of a mullet. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, they made it all chrome, including the facemask. And if the chomed-out helmets weren’t a reminder of the school mascot, they chose to stamp Big Jay on the shoulder yoke of their latest uniforms.

Let’s not forget the silver “Jayhawk” script on top of the jersey number, another friendly reminder that they’re the Jayhawks. I personally blame Adidas and these other shoe companies for lacking any creativity when it comes to designing these uniforms. The demand for new memorabilia is through the roof, so we’ll continue to lose the traditional look for some gimmicky threads. If they can’t get more recruits with these uniforms, then it’s time to take some notes from the basketball program.