OMG WTF! Katherine Webb Totally DUMPED A.J. McCarron!

  • Matt Rudnitsky

AJ McCarron Katherine WebbOMG!

SportsGrid has learned that Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama heartthrob quarterback A.J. McCarron, has DUMPED her boo! WTF!

The hottie’s career has BLOWN UP since sports announcer Brent Musberger spotted her at a big football match, and now it appears that SHE’S too big of a star for her superstar boyfriend!

Who needs sports millions when you can have fashion millions, right Katherine?!

The report went on to say that Webb’s new-found fame has led to a great deal of traveling for modeling gigs and shows like “Splash,” which had become a burden on her relationship with McCarron. Less than a week after we posted a full history of how the Hollywood-esque story of Webb and McCarron came together, this certainly comes as a shock to LBS.

You go, Katherine!

But that’s not all. Katherine and AJ have also stopped following each other on Twitter, which means the breakup just has to be for real.

Cold-hearted! She said she wants to be the next Kim Kardashian, and if she keeps this up, she’ll be marrying a hot rapper in a hot second!

College-football’s POWER COUPLE ain’t so powerful anymore! Katherine took the ball up the middle and flew away!

(The above post was a satirical representation of dumb gossip blogs. I don’t care about this news in the slightest, however, many people will, so it must be reported.)

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